Stepping Into Freedom Ministries

About Stepping Into Freedom Ministries

1 in every 4 women and 1 in every 9 men have suffered some form of abuse. Think of all the women you know, statistically speaking, a quarter of them have faced some type of abuse. It’s not always be physical abuse, it could be emotional abuse, mental abuse, or even spiritual abuse. It happens and it leaves scars. It happens a lot more than what some people think, because people are good at hiding scars. These scars can have lasting, damaging, even deadly affects on the abused. Sometimes, the abused turn to an addiction such as drugs or alcohol. Sometimes they drown in emotional depression. Sometimes, and tragically, the choice not to live with the pain anymore. None of these things should happen. It’s our goal, to reach as many people as we can and bring them out of their struggles and back into freedom.

We want to help survivors of abuse overcome their scars. We also want to help their partners who don’t know what to do.

We do this through our conferences, concerts, and conversations.

They have conferences once a year. During these conferences we walk through our workbook which includes seven freedom steps. These are steps to help you climb out of your struggle and Step into Freedom. 


Adam and Sarah Young